Who we are
My name is Dmitry, and this is the history of our company. We are for an open dialogue, and therefore we want the customer to know who he is working with and who is behind the product that will decorate his home, office or public space.

I am 32 years old, I am the son of a geologist and literally grew up among rocks and rocks. It was in Chukotka, where the harsh northern nature has created a unique landscape, and stones are talked about over tea. My passion is mountain tourism and mountaineering, and I know exactly what the "natural relief" looks like. Our company has its own quality standards and one of the most important is "no stucco". We do not sculpt rocks, we do not try to repeat with our hands what is created by nature. We chose a different path from the very beginning.

The Rocky Quick Panels brand was created in 2017.
Then the trend for rocks in the interior, which was actively developed in the 50s of the 20th century,
began to acquire new features. Modern interiors required technological solutions, large-format blocks of rock and a variety of textures. It was necessary to fit the
construction in a couple of months, and at the output to get exactly what was drawn in a detailed visualization. Rocky Quick Panels were the answer to this request,
and the beautiful picture in the project began to match the beautiful wall in
the finished interior.

By the way, soon the brand will be renamed - and typing its name in Yandex will be a matter of 5 seconds.

Since 2018, we have been actively rocking the market, entering the international field, fulfilling large orders and designing such complex projects, like large-format embossed street facades or interiors that you can take with you when moving.There were regular customers, with whom we continue to be friends today. We have a lot of stories about how designers tried to find something cheaper, but came back without finding decent quality.

By the end of 2022, we have a little less than 1000 orders delivered ranging from 1 to 100 m2. There is experience in export transactions to the Baltic countries, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates, and the geography of deliveries in Russia is all regions, except for his native Chukotka. Our product has participated in exhibitions, appeared in the media about design and was even used in a theatrical production.

We have acquired certificates of fire and environmental safety. We have adopted strict control standards in order to always get a predictable result and quality at the output, and not the sculptor's imagination on the theme of the rock.

Listening to the requests of customers, in the near future we are preparing to expand the product line and bring interior products and furniture facades to the market.

Every business has a purpose. Today, our goal is to remain industry leaders and experts in their field, working in conjunction with designers and customers.

We are against the fact that the customer is sold an explicit "samolep" under the guise of natural stone, or similar to our product, made of materials of dubious origin. We are for naturalness and decent performance properties. We are confident in our product and are not afraid that it will be of insufficient quality, because we know exactly how to do it naturally and technologically at the same time.

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