Order and delivery process
Order and delivery process

We have no restrictions on the geography of supplies. We ship across Russia from Kaliningrad to Chukotka, as well as to any other country. We help with exports from the Russian Federation and with imports in any other country.

Send the TZ to the mail
It can be
1. A list with the number and size of panels
2. Sketch "by hand" with the dimensions of the wall
3. The layout that your designer will make

Or just call us, we will draw up
the TT together with you
Payment for the order
After agreeing on the TT, we will send you a commercial offer and an invoice for payment. After that, we will start producing your order
Interim reports
We will report on the progress of your order
When your order is ready, we will pack it neatly and ship it to you. Usually we turn to Baikal-Service, Business Lines, CDEK, or PEC. But you can specify with whom to send the goods to us or pick it up yourself
Depending on the region of delivery, it can take from 2 to 14 days if the shipment is in Russia, and from 4 days by air to 25 days by sea if the shipment is abroad. We will try to notify you of the readiness of the cargo for delivery, if the transport company does not get ahead of us.
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