We have an affiliate program for designers
Use our panels in projects and work with us on partnership terms
Contact us and learn more
Our manager will tell you detailed working conditions, and he will also provide you with the necessary information to get started

It's convenient with us
The result is known in advance
Unlike other ways to make artificial rocks, we guarantee the agreed result from the very beginning. The quality of the product does not depend on the human factor, the mood of the master, and you do not need to "spend the night" at the construction site to control the process.
Free samples
For each customer, we will make a reasonable number of samples and send them for approval. Gratis.
Convenient installation
Installation of 1m2 panels takes 10 minutes.
And we mount the seamless rocks ourselves.
We will deliver anywhere in the world
Our panels are lightweight,
and therefore they can
be delivered literally anywhere.
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