Installation instructions
Installation instructions
Before making an order, we agree on the size and location of each panel. Along with the panels, you will get an assembly diagram. It looks like this:

Decide which side
to start installation
Most often it is
the bottom left corner.
Remove the panels
from the packaging film
Align the first row panels
and make sure they fit properly
If it becomes necessary to file
the panel, this can be done:
• using polishing machine, if you need
to remove 2-3 mm
• using a grinder with a disc on a stone or an electric chisel with a nozzle for wood.
If there is a need to make a hole, it must be marked on the back of the panel
make a cut on the reverse side and bring the angle of the end to the desired plane
We recommend using Tytan UltraFast 70 foam adhesive for installation.
Both surfaces (the wall and the back of the panel) must be degreased and dust-free. Any solvent will do. The "setting" time of foam glue is about 3-4 minutes. After 30 minutes, the panel can only be torn off with a crowbar. If you have any questions, please contact the manager who supervised your order. He will do his best to answer your questions.
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